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Steam Vaporizer

For cold relief or skin care purposes

If you are one of those who catch these respiratory infections quite often, it is wise to keep a vaporizer at home to take steam. What more, Steam inhalation has benefits for vocal health.

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BP Monitor

Your numbers are not just numbers

Fully Automatic High quality Upper arm Blood Pressure Monitor designed to measure the Reports Systolic, Diastolic Blood Pressure along with Pulse Rate. Come be a part of this exciting journey!



I'm Not Ill My Pancreas Is Just Lazy

Use a Diabetes Log Book for Keeping Track of your Blood Glucose Level come explore our diabetic care range. And what’s more, with MedSamaan whatsapp it’s easier to Reorder Diabetes Testing Supplies delivered to your home.


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3D Ultima Knee Support

"मेरे घुटनो में इतना दर्द था की मैं कहीं पे काम ही नहीं कर पा रही थी, और इसी वजाह से आय कम हो रहा था। फिर भैया ने मेदसमान से घुटने पेड दिलाया, जिसे मेरे जोड़े को ताकत मिली और अब मैं आराम से लंबे समय तक काम कर सकती हूं।" 
सुमन कुमारी, दिल्ली

Gel Range User

"सर्जरी के बाद मेरे पाओ के घाव इतने फेल गए थे की हमें पता ही नहीं चल रहा था कि किस तरह से इसे ठिक कर सकते हैं। एक तरफ़ इतना दर्द, दुसरी तरफ़ कोई दुकान में समान नहीं मिल रहा था। फिर मेदसमान वालों ने जेल टो सेपरेटर दिलाया और हमें तूरंत राहत मिली। कंपनी वालों ने हमें प्रोडक्ट्स और उनका सही अपयोग से अवगत भी करवाया
उर्मिला देवी, जिला मंडी, हिमाचल प्रदेश

Covid Essentials

I am writing to convey our appreciation of your Company's excellence at supplying critically required medical disposables to Delhivery's units in the midst of Covid 19. Your team's commitment and resolve to deliver items when we needed it the most, matches Delhivery's own commitment to its Clients to deliver the fastest to enable businesses to meet the needs of industry. We sincerely wish you continued success in your endeavours, and hope to see our collaboration grow in the years to come.
Himanshu, Director Commercial, Delhivery

Medical Consumables

"MedSamaan's assured Quality and lower Prices have helped us bring down the Costs of Treatments to Patients visiting us significantly. This has further increased footfall in the hospital, and helped us increase revenues while keeping costs low, all thanks to MedSamaan"
Shiv Kadian, Purchase Officer, Cygnus Hospital, Kurukshetra

Lumbo Sacral Contoured Belt

"I was visiting the IITF at Pragati Maidan when I saw the MedSamaan Stall. Once I tried out their Contoured Back Support, I could feel such strength and comfort in the Product, that I immediately bought it. It is my constant companion now and helps me in leading a pain-free normal life"
Asha Mehta


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