About Us

It’s an uncertain world. Times are turbulent and everything is unpredictable. You want comfort in your work, in your plays, in your daily grind, and in your leisure and rhymes. You can convenience and safety in your life. People end up burning their pockets in search of the right medicines or surgeries, but still are either skeptical, cynical, or suspicious about using innovative medical aids and tools to get relief, or better yet, ensure complete recovery. Let’s admit it. We’ve been trained to believe that fast solutions aren’t really fast or smart devices aren’t trustworthy. There’s the difference between innovation and mere marketing gimmicks. When a simple comfy mat can give support and strengthen your back while driving or support your knees, ankles and feet while you do your daily chores, you know science and technology have come a long way.

Gone are the days when we had to stand in long ques at clinics or hospitals because “I can’t bend down and pick up my papers”. It’s time to embrace the new way of life. It’s time to adorn and use Medsamaan and see the difference for yourself. And yes, at very reasonable rates.

Thank You and Wish you all the best!

Our Team


Romita Ghosh

Founder & CEO



Nilashis Roy

Co-Founder & CTO



Amit Das

Co-Founder & COO


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